How It Works

Many of you know me from my various top ranked sites. Chances are if you have done niche research you have probably seen my site at number one at one time or another, even though you didn’t know it was my site.

On top of that, I have several larger sites, some that compete with Fortune 500 companies, that are on top or near the top of Google.

For years, I have been asked to produce a course on how I continue even through all the changes at Google to dominate page #1 of Google for any niche that I enter. How do I make my living from simply putting up simple little websites and bringing in tons of traffic?

Well, there is no need for a course, I can tell you what I do right now. I find a keyword that has an affiliate product or some other way that I can make money from it.

I develop the site, whether I custom code it or use WordPress (contrary to Guru’s I like to custom code because to me all WordPress sites look the same).

Then I get backlinks from sites all over the internet by the thousands to my website. I get them to my main page, and every page inside of it.

The question really is how do I get thousands of backlinks without spending my life building backlinks?

Well, that, my friend, is a secret. A secret that by the end of this small article you will know the answer to.

I use article marketing, or article submission or bum marketing, whatever you want to call it.

I have thousands of article directories and niche blogs just waiting for me to write an article so that they can post it and link back to my site.

Now usually, you would need some credibility to be a guest poster on a BLOG right? I mean chances are you couldn’t just go out and guest post on say 3,000 blogs without anybody knowing your name?

Well, not anymore. You see I guest post on blogs by the thousands, everyday, and sometimes I just make up a brand new name as I write the post.

Article submission is seriously the most powerful white hat way to get links, and it is dirt cheap. It is super easy, and it is completely immune to any changes from Google.

I say it is immune to changes from Google, because it uses the fundamental principle of Google to get you backlinks. That is relevant content, from relevant sites with relevant links surrounded by relevant content.

Once you start doing some serious article submission, your site will get noticed, and your traffic will explode.

But Have you Ever Tried to Do Article Marketing?

Oh my god. You talk about a boring way to move your site up in the search engines, and the time it takes? You could spend a whole day building 10 links.

10 links isn’t going to get you anywhere in the search engines.

Nope I have a better way of doing it, a tool that literally makes all other ways of article marketing look like the way of the past.

A tool that automates the process so much that I can build thousands of links in less than an hour.

Now 1000s of links WILL get you somewhere in the Search Engines, and it will get you somewhere in the search engines FAST!

What about duplicate content?

Well, first of all most of the stuff you have read about duplicate content is a line of BS.

I have ranked site after site with duplicate content, as a matter of fact one time I ranked a site #3 on Google submitting only articles I had already written and published. Just to test this duplicate content theory.

BUT I would say that your long term rankings depend on having a lot of unique content.

Spinning, however, Article Spinning? You have heard of this right. Where you put {word|words} in brackets and the software chooses one.

That is dumb, it takes forever, and seriously, Google has that figured out. Google doesn’t look at single words, google looks at ngrams, 3, 4 even 5 words at a time. It knows that I went to the store, means the same thing as I have gone to the store.

I one upped spinning, made it faster to do and made it 100 times more effective. Plus most of the work is done without me doing a thing.

I designed a tool for myself that literally moves me up in the search engines while I work on my next project.

Now my time is spent either designing new sites, or spending all the money I make.

Have access to submit to thousands of article directories without signing up to a single one.

    • I never wanted to sign up for another article directory again.
    • I didn’t want to answer another confirmation email, or even receive an email for that matter.
    • I didn’t want to ever have to wait for my computer to sign me up for another article directory again.

I wanted a different, unique article submission to be sent to every blog and directory to which I had access.

    • If Google got smarter and their duplicate content crap was effective, then I wanted to make sure it didn’t affect me.
    • I hate spinning, that is the most boring thing on the planet no curly brackets no synonym replacement that had to be gone.
    • I needed a fast solution. I needed to build thousands of links and be done, I have money to spend and more money to make. I didn’t want to spend all day spinning articles.
    • It had to be easy to use, I pay people in different countries to write articles, they need to figure out how to use this tool.

Dripfeed Feature so that I didn’t build all my links at once.

    • Again, I have no evidence to show if I build 1000 links per day per site that it will be any different, but if for some reason I got evidence I didn’t want to redesign my software.
    • I wanted to set it and forget it, not run some application every day. I wanted to program in my article, click a button and each day some articles would be submitted.

Automatic, and off of my computer.

    • When I started doing SEO and link building I had so many applications running on my computer that I couldn’t even use my computer.
    • Never again was I going to have the SEO application computer and the other computer, I needed my software to submit articles 24×7 without me seeing it.

A continuous growing database of places that I can build links.

    • I need new places, with new ip addresses every single day to publish articles.
    • Each time I find a new place, I want all my old articles published there too, so I don’t have to continue writing articles forever.

No Limit To The Number of Articles I submit.

    • I was not going to pay $1 or 50 cents or even a penny per article.
    • I wanted to submit unlimited articles for my unlimited websites an unlimited number of times for the same price.

Off I went to find this software.

article submissions

Nobody packages all this into a single software. I found bits and pieces of each in several software packages, but I never found what I call my complete package.

So I went to work to develop this software. Requirement 1-6 slowly but surely I met each one.